Profiles of the Posibilidad students read very well. The reader might think that these young people have it made. However, their life prospects should be seen in context. [READ MORE]

Not long ago many of our student families were scavenging on a dump for their living.   Because of the social and economic challenges faced by our students and their families, Posibilidad intervenes comprehensively.  [READ MORE]

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Student Profiles (Student numbers are chronological based on when sponsorship began).


Student One:  Born in 1994, this dynamic young woman has been a sponsorship recipient since entering Secondary School.  She has finished a three year course of teacher's training.  She is studying Spanish language and literature at the national university (UNAN). She's a talented actress having participated in several theater productions while in Secondary School.  She's also performed with a professional theater company in Managua.

Student Two:  Born in 1994, this vivacious and talented young woman has completed one year of pharmacy training at a private university.  However, she has qualified to study Veterinary Medicine at the national university (UNAN). She is currently enjoying her second year at UNAN. Like Student One, Student Two is a talented actress.

Student Three:  Born in 1993, Student Three is a mature and self possessed young woman.  Currently she is in her third year of pharmacy training at private university.  She was a bit shy, but has become a confident, strong presence within our sponsorship group.  Her brother is studying Physical Education @ UNAN.  Posibilidad provides his transportation.

Student Four:  Born in 1992, this enthusiastic, outgoing young woman first completed two years of pharmacy training at private university.  Then she qualified to study at the national university (UNAN) and she's in her third year of study there, majoring in chemistry.  The youngest of nine children - she was eloquent advocating for a friend who was needing support.  Group members now sponsor this student.

Student Five:  Born in 1991, this sincere young woman has completed Law School and entered her legal practicum.  Post that practicum, she will prepare for the Bar exam.  It's difficult to break into the legal profession in Nicaragua, so we have arranged for her to gain practical experience, and make professional connections, doing volunteer work for a progressive local lawyer.  She works long hours in her Mother's shop and her sister is Student Six.

Student Six: Born in 1993, this quiet young woman is completing her fourth year of pharmacy training at private university. In December 2014 she gave birth to a son. Her pharmacy training requires only one classroom day per week.  Most of her school work is done on line and in small groups. This allows her to spend time with her young son, which is most appropriate.  Her sister is Student Five.

Student Seven:  Born in 1997, this young woman is very dynamic and athletic.  She has talent as an actress having  participated in school theater productions.  She recently graduated from a demanding secondary academy.  Her sister is Student Ten. Student Seven is a newlywed and is expecting her first child in June, 2015.  Posibilidad is helping her husband, as he has suffered adverse pesticide exposure at work.  Our attorney has assisted with the legal requirements of exiting his employment contract.

Student Eight:  Born in 1993, this young woman is very mature and capable.  She's been working at a major Nicaraguan bank for several years and is now a lead teller.  She's also studying accounting in college on weekends.   She carries herself with grace and she is a natural leader.  She can succeed in any field that she might choose.  Her sister is Student Nine.

Student Nine:  Born in 1998, she celebrated her Quinceañera in 2013.  Her academy is demanding and she is doing well.  She and her sister (Student Eight) are both very engaging and have excellent interpersonal skills.  She's taken supplemental English classes and her skill in English is impressive.  As with several of our sponsored students, Student Nine can succeed in any field she might choose.

Student Ten:  Born in 1999, this petite and energetic young woman is doing very well in her academic work.  She attends the same rigorous academy as did her sister (Student Seven). She is bright and sincere.  She is another girl who can achieve success in whichever field she might choose, although she has yet to identify a potential career.

Student Twelve:  Born in 2001, this young woman is very athletic and engaging, and she loves to dance. Her mother is the Posibilidad attorney. She's doing well at a private academy, along with Student Nine.  With her athleticism, intelligence and infectious enthusiasm she has bright prospects.

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